• Perry's Pleasure Club is a male and female BDSM-Kink-Fetish co-op operating within the Portmore District.

  • All BDSM Dungeon parties, classes, and events are limited to people who are age 18 and older.

  • Smoking, or using illegal drugs are strictly prohibited

  • Food is allowed only in the lounge area

  • Use of cell phones, other electronic devices, taking photos, or making videos is strictly prohibited on premises

  • Dungeon monitors shall enforce safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) BDSM/Kink practices:​

    • Blood-to-blood contact is forbidden

    • Scenes must be fully negotiated, including limits and safe words

    • Sincere and clear requests to pause or stop must be honored

    • Personal sounds / catheters must be sterilized prior to use

  • Watch, but DO NOT INTERFERE without prior consent from all parties to a scene in progress

  • Respect others; Perry's Pleasure Club welcomes new players, and no one is ever required to participate. “No” means “No”

  • When playing, keep your gear in check and not all over the place or blocking use of play stations other than your own

  • Do not monopolize a play station when others are waiting

  • Ask the owner of equipment or the dungeon monitor if you may use / move equipment or furniture that is not yours. Put it back where you found it after use

  • Thoroughly clean Perry's Pleasure restraints, blindfolds, gag, etc. and dungeon furniture after you use it

  • Public humiliation or usage, group usage, or derogatory comments regarding a submissive / bottom shall occur only when explicit consent has been given by the submissive / bottom. Before beginning such a scene, all participants must inform the dungeon monitor of their intent and consent and a waiver signed by all participants.

  • Perry's Pleasure is a private club, and entry/continued presence on the premises may be denied to anyone the dungeon monitor deems to be a danger to himself or others or whose conduct shows egregious disrespect for the health, safety or personal enjoyment of others.

If you are not certain about the rules or an acceptable activity always ask the dungeon monitor on duty.


  • Perry's Pleasure Club (PPC) is a communal space, please respect others and maintain the confidentiality and congeniality that we all deserve. “What happens at PPC stays at PPC”

  • Limit casual conversations to the lounge area or elsewhere. You are welcome to watch scenes in progress but please do so silently. If the participants of a scene ask you to move away from the scene, please do so.

  • If a submissive/bottom is wearing a collar or engaged in a scene with a dominant/Sir, do not engage or touch the submissive. It is up to the dominant/Sir to inform anyone what is permissible. Never touch or give orders to a submissive or bottom without their consent. Submissives/bottoms are not communal property.

  • If you see someone in distress while in a scene report it immediately to the dungeon monitors. Do not interfere or become engaged.

  • Be respectful of dominants and subs recuperating in the lounge or elsewhere after a scene. Please give them space and time to wind down together.

  • Please remember that discretion is absolutely necessary. Comments made about another member/attendee of PPC either at an event or in public, violates their right to privacy.

Cleanliness Policy

  • PPC volunteers ensure the cleanliness of our play areas. Anti-microbial cleaning spray is used on all surfaces. The cleaning of the gear and toys before and after use is strictly enforced. Our crosses, benches, tie down beds and chairs are cleaned and inspected prior to opening and cleaned and inspected upon closing of each event.

  • Non-latex gloves, paper towels, and anti-microbial cleaning spray is stationed at each play station. Anyone using the devices and gear PPC provides is encouraged to clean them before use and required to clean them after use.

  • Clean towels and sheets are provided in the lounge area. When sitting on the lounge couch in revealing gear or nude place a towel/sheet between bare skin and the couch.

Safeword Policy

PPC uses the traffic light system to signal when a scene should end. Any of the following words will signal to a dungeon monitor and participants that a scene needs to stop: Red, Stop, Safeword. For more information about the practice of using safewords please visit the following site:

Rope Policy

  • Use of the communal rope is only allowed for floor work and not suspension.

  • The floating table is connected to hard points in the ceiling that are safe for rope suspension. Ask a dungeon monitor for help in taking down the floating table to get access to these hard points. All other points provided by PPC are not allowed to be used for rope suspension. This includes the 2 block and tackles near the cage and the points used for the sling.